Jaato ne khadi kar di khaat, bina jal Suprabhat

An Open Letter to the citizens of this country which is burning under the fire of Jaat protests mainly in Haryana and spreading quickly like fire in the jungle across the country. A Journalist interviews a Jaat and it goes this way:

Journalist: Who r u?

Jaat: Jaat

Journalist: How much land do you possess?

Jaat: 122 acres

Journalist: Which car do you have?

Jaat: Pajero

Journalist: What else do you need?

Jaat: Reservation

Journalistt: Why

Jaat: (In Hindi) “Manne na pata bhains ki poonch, zyada sawaal koni, aarakshan chahiye toh chahiye bas.”

The best part is they are those people who shoot a common man  from their SUVs just because they don’t want to pay toll. These are the same people who don’t have a common sense of using a luxury car, instead they use it for carrying chaff(bhusa). What else we can expect from these people? Some human behavior or merci on poor?

These guys don’t have a genuine reason why do they need reservation. Why are they protesting. Do they really need reservation? Is this the proper way to get their demands approved? Burning shops, vehicles is fine for them, but they never thinks of what if the same happens with their families, relatives? Time is never the same for everyone and one has to pay for all his deeds- no matter good or bad. They attacked on the house of Haryana’s minister Capt. Abhimanyu in Rohtak. Protested in various cities of Haryana, children were stuck and reached home at 7 PM in evening. Why should an innocent child suffer? Why should a common man pays everytime? Is our Govt. not capable of stopping all this? Sometimes, its about rape, sometimes, these reservations. We, as the citizens, are always get stuck in these shitty politics and unable to think about our growth, our country’s growth. We cannot do until we get out of this small- small worst issues.

I think every citizen should come forward as we all did in 16th December rape case, though, its result was bad and that culprit is out and living his life, but atleast people came forward. At this hour of time, that unity is required to show these people and our Govt. that we cannot allow people to rule a state or the country their way, not at all, not at the sake of anyone’s life.

A reservation should be allowed on following 4 categories:

  • Person who falls below poverty line no matter of caste, religion.
  • Every orphan
  • Every physically- disabled
  • Children of every jawaan who died for this country

As a person, citizen, it is my duty to think about the growth of myself as well as my country. If we think, how do we add value to our country’s economy. Actually not. And we are always fighting with these issues everytime and anytime.

It is my humble request to all the residents of Haryana, please do not spread violence, if you protest, protest silently not violently.


P.S.: This post is part of the prompt of the week, Letter, by the BlogChatter community. What started as a weekly Twitter chat, ‪#‎blogchatter‬, is now a booming and blooming community of bloggers, who blog together to blog better helping and supporting each other.


8 thoughts on “Jaato ne khadi kar di khaat, bina jal Suprabhat

  1. You put the reservations part aptly. I like the approach and your views on who must get the reservation quota.
    Great first post. Keep writing. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The interview was quite interesting , this post will make every jaat shame of the act they do , but still we can’t accept back from them because they are ‘Jaat ‘ 😐 …
    Appreciate , open letter thought 🙂

    Its your first Post but is very sound and Speaks a lot on recent undergoing .

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Title was captivating and you aptly put up the content. I agree Generals should come out of their comfort zone to make this country better. Mere gundagardi of any illiterate/s should never be tolerated. Keep writing. 🙂

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  4. A well-worded and clearly thought out letter! I am sure the contents are pretty heartfelt and most sane folks will empathize with the same thoughts. It is the Voice of Young India that will hopefully change the tide of things to come! Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

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