Who Am I ?

Who am I? This is the question which goes in and out of my mind every time when something happens to me- doesn’t matter good or bad.

I think about it when someone does bad to me.

I think about it when I feel lost.

It gives me a feeling when I feel alone in the arms of the nature early morning.

This feeling comes when I don’t have anything to do. – kehte hain naa- khaali dimaag shaitaan ka ghar. 😉

It’s so intense that you have to go deep down spiritually to find its answer. But abhi to party shuru hui hai….

This question is on high when you are in some satsang….

A son, a brother, a friend and so many roles(to be defined soon)…..

This is one question but answer to it…hahahaha..dhundhte reh jaoge

Is it really worth to search for its answer?

Who am I? This is worth, yes, when you do good to some1 and you get blessings and feel nostalgic…


This post is a part of the prompt of the week, Who am I ?, by the BlogChatter community. What started as a weekly Twitter chat, #blogchatter, is now a booming and blooming community of bloggers, who blog together to blog better helping and supporting each other.


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