I want to take my blog to the next level #Blogchatter

CommercialisationImage source: teakster

I was tagged by Sreshtha to write this post.

This is the time when I’ve got my blog to one level up. I wanted to start blogging for past one year but couldn’t since was not getting right people and guidance. But this Team #Blogchatter really motivated and pushed me to start asap and I came with this blog. It is now making me to write and write, improve and grow.

Not sure, but what could be a better thing than to share my views on spreading commercialization in such a way that people are not leaving shrines in making them dirty places. And, they are avoiding the signs, the warnings which are being given to every person in this universe in the form of floods, storms, natural disasters, high intensity earthquakes which started from Uttarakhand in India, then went to Kashmir, followed by Nepal etc. The losses by earthquakes across the world with high intensity is another example. I started writing this post on this occasion of Mahashivratri festival, I just pray to GOD to give some intelligence to everyone to differentiate between right and wrong, to have some and follow moral values which, people, including me, are not doing, which our ancestors were used to, whether they did it as their duty or whatever but they did. People were trustable, honest, intelligent in that era, we all are intelligent today too undoubtedly, but not honest and not trustable. Do we think why is it so? Never, ever. We give advice to everyone not to trust anyone. But do we apply on us to become such a person that people get bounded to trust us. Nopes. I don’t think so. I agree, at times, what happens is people use such honest people to get their work done but my friends, road to the success is being created by taking one step in that direction. If you think nobody is going in that direction, that means, you are following people. Let people follow you. Create some moral values, follow them. Do good to get good. Be nice to everyone. Always carry a smile on your face, that doesn’t cost much.

Few lines on this:

हे इश्वर क्या माया तेरी,
काल रूप सी छाया तेरी |
इन बड़े बड़े पहाड़ो को,
सदा डसेगी ये काया तेरी ||

लगता कोई पापी आया जो,
भूल गया त्रिनेत्र की माया तेरी |
तभी तो कोई मदिरा तो कोई मॉस,
गली मैं लाया तेरी ||

हे इश्वर माफ़ करना जो भूल हुई,
हम तो है बस छाया तेरी |
ऐसा प्रकोप फिर न दिखाना,
देखनी है बस भोले सी काया तेरी ||

Before I end this post, I would like to thank the team #Blogchatter which makes us #BlogBuddies, who blog together to blog better, by helping us aspiring bloggers to become professional ones.

I now tag Tanmay to write his take on the topic.

I want to take my blog to the next level with Blogchatter


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