Woman- Not enuf words to describe this


Woman- The words in the above image are not enough to describe this most required requisite or the ingredient like a salt whose presence might not be felt or make sense but absence definitely ruins everything. The most powerful and influential word, for me, which is the substance of this universe’s existence. We, men, believe it or not, as some don’t, but it’s a fact. We are being held, feeded inside a woman’s body for 9 months, the time when we push to come out, the pain she goes through, we can never understand that, never ever. Still, we(men and women) don’t respect her, her feelings, her desires, her ambitions, her expectations.

Women is that species which can do anything with almost perfection. Whether, its corporate, media, fashion, sports, politics, acting, dance, direction etc. Lot of areas untouched.

I read somewhere- Women are the real architects of the society. Yes, I second that.

When a child is born and till death, we always look upon for a woman, the only thing changes is her form. From a mother to a sister, friend, wife, colleague, partner etc. But, that’s her we look upon when we are in trouble, in pain. We can’t deny this fact.

I was shocked, stirred and  hurt to infinity when December 16th rape case happened and I believe not only me but the entire nation was in shock and the result was that outrage happened across the whole country which has shakened everyone. How can anyone do that to a woman so brutally? That shameful act’s only punishment was to implement Middle East’s punishments in such cases where the private part of the accused is being cut down and he was left without any aid to bear that pain and finally hanged till death. But, was that outrage really worth doing? I don’t think so. That main accused is still living his own life, why? Because he was juvenile and there are no strict laws in our country for that segment.

Again, what happened, there were more such rape cases came in light where juveniles were the main accused. The reason because they know there is no law for them and they will be safe and out after serving a term behind the bars.

Then, our Govt. is so nice that they pass such statements very confidently by blaming all at women- Girl was at fault, why did she wear a skirt? She was expsoing, revealing her body. Why she stepped out of her home after 8 PM at night? Are we really living in an independent nation? Where our Govt. is not enough strong to stop rapes or to provide assurance about security and safety to women? The police can’t lodge an FIR against the accused coz he is son of a so- called minister.

Don’t step out alone, don’t go out at night. Don’t walk down that lane, don’t wear that dress. Don’t wear a skirt, don’t wear a sleeveless top, don’t drink etc.

I’m glad to know that UCB(United Colors of Benetton) has come with a Don’t party and asked everyone to join:

Unite against all the Don’ts at the Don’t Party.
Join at Nehru Park, New Delhi.
Date: April 9th. Timings: 6.30 PM to 11.30 PM
Also, the party live- streams at http://www.unitedby.in

We should start respecting women around us, from family, office, friends and then everywhere.

I was in Delhi metro and since there is now a separate ladies’ compartment, there comes a lady with a child in her hands. She requested a male counterpart to give her a seat as it was reserved for ladies. I was shocked by the reply he gave to her- “There is no ladies seat reserved, go to ladies compartment.” I was standing at the other side but he was so loud at this. Then few people asked him to give her the seat, but he was so stubborn that he did not leave his seat. Though, somebody else left his and gave her the seat finally. And, this was happened quite a few times in metro.

I also read somewhere which I found it true-

A father can call his daughter beta but can’t call his son- beti.

There are few campaigns started by Govt. in context of saving a girl child. One of them I liked is “Beti bachao, beti padhao”. But, I worry most is, how much our Govt. is dedicatedly working on these campaigns? Coz noone cares about it and nobody is sitting on their head asking about the progress.

I urge my country to respect women, doesn’t matter who they are but friends there is always a person who takes first step in a direction to let others follow him. So, don’t wait and start from yourself so that your generation will learn it from you  to respect women not from others.

This post is a part of the prompt of the week, Woman, by the BlogChatter community. What started as a weekly Twitter chat, #blogchatter, is now a booming and blooming community of bloggers, who blog together to blog better helping and supporting each other.


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