Colors is a 5- letter word but its existence has a very deep meaning and relation with the nature, our lives,  anything and everything.

C- Coordination
O- of
L- Low illuminated
O- Organic
S- Synergy

I didn’t find much related words which could have been associated in a better way. 😉

Colors is that when we were given with pencil colors and taught what colors are, what art is and just draw and draw whatever you can. And at that time, this beautiful image we, as a child, drew.


As we grow further, colors has got its meaning changed entirely for us. It became VIBGYOR, it became rainbow.

More further, Colors is butterfly for us when we catch a butterfly in the garden and try to figure out various colors in its wings but unable to do that. Colors are flowers for us, a single flower has so many breeds, variants with different shades, multi- colors, again we plucked them from the plant and try to figure out which shade it is. For us, colors were pencil colors, sketch colors and art and drawing, that’s it.

Then, came the festival of Colors to which we were introduced with real colors of life in the form of colorful gulaals, then we think- oh, no, real colors, now we will be painted like an art we draw and what will happen, we need to wash ourselves by soap, but that feeling of getting painted and painting others was just out of the world. It always gives gooze bumps before friends and family start playing the festival. We used to apply tricks to save our body from unnatural colors, tricks like multaani mitti, oil on the body, grey color on face and hair etc., that everything happens nowhere in the world except in this country.


Then, red was not the color, red is khoon, red is dulhan, red is sindoor, red is shaadi ka joda, red is gulaab ka phool, red is gulaal, red is tamaatar, this red color has so many shades, and every shade is meaningful in our life.

Same way, every color has its own meaning in our life which we cannot escape from.

Today, still we wear black suit with white shirt when going for a party or marriage, they have a different aspect of their existence. White n black ka toh bhai- behen ka naata hai, jo kabhi na foot(takraar) pata hai.

It gives us a delight when we see a garden full of colorful flowers, a home painted with different colors, an art exhibiton with colorful paintings, a hotel with colored interiors, a decor showroom with colorful decor, colorful kitchen, colorful furniture etc.

Life is colorful, we only restrict ourselves from making it colorful because we have grown up from that era where there were not much colors were part of our lives. It is our perspective to make it more joyful, colorful or let it be the same way we have grown up with 2-3 colors.

White is the symbol of peace, white is lotus, white is cloud, white is moon, white is kurta(earlier 80s and 90s), kurtas were used to be of white color only, if there is kurta, that means its white, no other color, late 90s, colored kurtas got trended but only in metro cities. Then, in late 2000, it got circulated in tier 2 and tier 3 cities too.

I believe, we are the ones who can make our life colorful and meaningful by adding more colors to life, experiment is experience. Experiment with colors so that you come to know what combination matches, what you like and what is the best. Until you do it, you won’t know it. So, do it and know it.

P.S.: This post is a part of the prompt of the week, Colors, by the BlogChatter community. What started as a weekly Twitter chat, #blogchatter, is now a booming and blooming community of bloggers, who blog together to blog better helping and supporting each other.

8 thoughts on “Colors

  1. You portrayed our association with colors from our childhood till now, that was wonderful. And the last line the truth and brillantky put.

    Yours ,
    Ramya P

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  2. It’s so colourful, but white isn’t that bad ha. You r post remind me of days when i used to paint alot and now very very rare.
    You’re doing brilliant job. Keep writing 🙂


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  3. i agree with you , the meaning and interpretation of colours change as we grow older . Each colour or even the concept of colour has different associations in the context that we experience them and yet like you’ve mentioned the choice is ours to make life as colourful as we wish to .. happy to have discovered your blog..look forward to your AtoZ posts 🙂


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