A for Ample


Here is my first post on my first A-Z Challenge where first letter ‘A’ has to be emphasized.

A is the first letter without which we are nothing. It is that first letter which was taught as A, A as a first alphabet, A as an Apple and after this, this letter has taken our lives in an enormous way that without it, we cannot imagine our words, our language.

I’m putting up few words here, start from A which are very significant.


Apple we always see it as a fruit and when we grow further then we see its importance in Newton’s Law of Gravity. Moreover, we come to the fact that An Apple a Day can keep the doctor Away. Further, it became a status symbol with Apple phones and tablets.
And now we come to our colorful period of life which is teenage, where we Attract towards all the good and bad things and we really don’t have Any idea to differentiate between. That is the point of our life where we generally Attract to bad things and hardly to good ones. For example, most of the teenagers get Addicted to drinking and smoking in this tender Age which becomes a lifestyle for them and drug Addiction is the worst of All.
After this colorful life, we step into the reality of this ocean called life where we come Across the other side of the coin which is struggle to establish ourselves. While striding, we have to face high tides and low tides. There we Actually find out our core strength to Achieve our Aspirations.

We, human beings, in our lives Always want ALL. We need this, we need that, there is no limit for our desires. We want all.

We don’t want to go for Anything but All, there is also a logic I see behind this desire that An Amount of Anything is not Ample.

At times, we are Arrogant towards seeing the Angles of everything coming on the way of our life’s journey and that Arrogance becomes the Appearance of our Anubhav(experience).

We plan our Aims to Achieve that Auspicious Access to success, but, do we really work like an Axe to cut the wood to make furniture. The Answer is No.

And, the reason is we are always Ailing from our Awful thoughts and never come out of them to get an Achievement. One of the cause is Anger, if we add letter ‘D’ to Anger it becomes danger for us and we don’t understand this fact.

My conclusion is that we should stick to few As which make our life happy and those are:

We should be Aware of our Aims to Aspire them in order to Achieve Attainment.

30 thoughts on “A for Ample

    1. Hi Kala, M glad that you liked it and still you can write on the same lines but with a twist. Do it, that will be fun to read your thoughts. Thats why we all connected. Thanks once again!! Keep coming back here 🙂

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  1. Aim High – Aiming high can also be something as simple as “I will give my very best each and every day to meet my goals” . Aiming high does not mean aiming for the impossible – it does mean aiming for the very best you can get. Never undermine yourself and your abilities. You can always do more or better than you will credit yourself for.

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  2. Hi Abhinav,
    I loved the way you took me around the world, making me marvel at the highs and lows while exploring the beauty of ‘A’.
    What a fantastic start to the A to Z challenge!
    Keep rocking and I can’t wait to read what’s next in store 🙂

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    1. Thanks for ur lovely words, m glad you liked it. That is gonna motivate me to write better and better and that’s a pressure too to bring you back on my blog. Keep visiting!! Thnx once again for dropping by! 🙂

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  3. Hi Abhinav,
    *Apologies for not dropping by yesterday*
    Woah, such a short time, a brilliant post and a lot of A s there. Looking forward to your Bs till the Zss. Good luck!

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