B for Blog, BlogChatter & BlogBuddy


This is my 2nd post to the ongoing AtoZ Challenge and I dedicate this post to Blogging and BlogChatter & BlogBuddy.

I was planning to start a blog for past one year but couldn’t do it, sometimes, it was hectic schedule, work loads which couldn’t allow me to spend time on reading how to start a blog and where to start. Whenever I attend any event, I see bloggers interacting around and I feel sad as I didn’t have a blog. Whether its a food event, fashion week, exhibitions, Art fair etc., bloggers you see everywhere. It squeezes out the inner feelings of the bloggers at an international platform and thus we Indians used to play a vital role representing our country. I see, people quit their jobs and are giving their full- time on blogging.


Bloggers are those species which can be found anywhere at every event happening in this country. You can spot bloggers easily by following:

a- Posing, taking selfies
b- Always dresses well, specially in fashion weeks, no less than models and better than fashion designers themselves
c- Clicking pics of the whole event
d- Interacting with organisers, taking every minute detail to write about it on their blog.

Bloggers are more talked about and invited at press conferences and no less than Journalists or Senior Correspondents.

If there is any kind of event, organizers always say- Arey bloggers ko invite toh bheja hai naa?

To continue with my story, I didn’t get time to read about how to kick- off with my blog. Then, time went on and on, and after 1o months, I came across this beautiful community called as BlogChatter which I cannot thank them enough to get me started.


BlogChatter, I’m sure you must be reading this post, and this whole post I specially dedicated to you guys on this A-Z Challenge as(if) more people will read then they should know how helpful this community is. I love what you started- Blog together to blog better. You can find more details on BlogChatter here.

There are campaigns by you for every day of the week so how could not anyone take his/her blog to the next level. That is just wonderful. I’m glad that I’m a part of this community and you guys are really doing a fantastic job.

You started wonderful BlogBuddy 1.0 which was successful and came back again with 2nd season of BlogBuddy 2.0, which I’m a part of, and my team members are so helpful that its that wonderful set of people, who all are at different locations but it seems like we know each other for so long. I thank every team member of my BlogBuddy group as they helped me a lot in improving my blog and wherever I needed help.

At last, I want to take my blog to the next level by making more and more friends through this A-Z Challenge as well as Blogging throughout. If you are a part of BlogChatter, please follow each and everyone(including me- @bloggerabhi1) as we all are connected for the same reason- to take our blog to the next level by blogging together to blog better.

31 thoughts on “B for Blog, BlogChatter & BlogBuddy

  1. Hello blog buddy,
    This post is brilliant. I loved the way you wrote it. And yeah Blogchatter and the people there are amazing. So are you! Any help required you can always get it , just have to ask for it.
    Have a great weekend ahead and A-Z posting. See ya around.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. B for bloggers 🙂

    Nicely written 😃😃.

    Yay we appreciate bloggers ,blogbuddies And Blogchatter and thanks Blogchatter for bringing us all together on a common platform 🙂

    Spred the word ” Blog” 😃😃.

    He he yes Dressing :p sense of bloggers is quite commendable.

    They are the one who enjoys all events, learn things and spread awareness .
    Wish you a lovely journey ahead in blogging 🙂

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  3. A beautiful, heartfelt post.
    I have been blogging for quite sometime but I could completely understand your emotions on the urge to create a blog and the joy of connecting with many bloggers through the amazing Blogchatter 🙂

    Keep up the good work & keep blogging to take your blog to the next level.

    My Era @theerailivedin
    The Era I Lived In

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  4. Hello that’s nice that you got motivated and started your own blog. I have also recently started my own blog. It feels good to see others taking out time from their busy life for love for writing and exchanging their experiences via blog. All the best for your journey 😊

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