Can- Yes I Can


Today’s theme I have taken, Can- Yes I can.

There are times when we see ourselves demoralized, helpless to think and grow further. We just sit and wait for time to do something for us but that should not be approach towards life. English has some wonderful words in her bag called dictionary and CAN is one of them which inspires that don’t be hopeless as you Can do it.

I share an instance with you. There were 2 friends in a village with an age difference of 7 years. One day, they went to a well which was few kilometers away from the village and suddenly the older guy fell into the well. Now, the younger guy who was weaker than the older one, got scared and started to think what to do now. He saw a rope and bucket which was there to fetch water from the well. He took it, dropped it and asked his friend to hold it tightly. He started to fetch it slowly- slowly and he did it until his friend came out. When he saw his friend out finally, they both hugged each other. Now, they went back to the village and narrated the whole story to the villagers but nobody believed that a weaker and younger guy could really dragged an older and stronger guy from the well. There was an old- aged person sitting, he said, it could not be possible but there was nobody to tell him that you Cannot do it but he himself told him that yes, you Can do it. So he did it.

Another instance from my personal life, I went to engineering college and first time away from my family. I did not study but had all the fun I could have. The result, I got an year back. My parents clearly said you had to come at home and enroll for distance learning education. Then, by GOD’s grace, only for that year in UPTU at that time, a rule came out that students who got year back in 1st year, have to give 1st year exams with their juniors’ exam schedule and if they clear it, they have to go for crash course of 2nd year and had to clear whole 2nd year in 3 months only. If they do it, they will join their batch back in 3rd year. I was happy to hear this and I prayed to parents, please allow me, I CAN do this and will do this. I won’t disappoint you this time. My father didn’t allow and I requested my mother, she made him to allow me. Then, I cleared 1st year, 2nd year crash course and joined my batch back in 3rd year, was so happy and made my parents proud too. My friends were happy to have me back with them. I really cannot describe that feeling in words.
The point is that there is nothing called as Cannot. Only existing word is Can -yes I can, Can- Yes You Can.

So my friends never ever loose hope and Believe in yourself as you CAN!!

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