F- Family Is First Priority


F– Father

A– And

M– Mother

I– I

L– Love

Y– You

Friends, I am taking this topic ‘Family’ because we are so busy in today’s life that we are trying to be close to materialistic things and in reality, leaving Family behind.

When I say the word ‘Family’ it means your immediate members- parents and your brother/sister.

I have always seen and experienced myself that most of the times, we always leave our Family and take other things on priority. We all are busy with our day-to-day lives which are in metro cities or Foreign countries and our parents are at our hometown. Whenever we go and visit them For a short period, we actually don’t spend time with them. We either go out, look out For childhood friends or look out For other entertainment. Where as we should spend time with them, share our stories, ups and downs, challenges and how we won them.

This is my personal experience that Family always stand by in your difficult times, no one else will, no matter what. No Friend, no relative. These days every relation is made either For money or For some purpose. That era has gone where people used to value relations over money. Now, the trend is reversed, people value money over relations.

Family always think good For you. Family always take good care of you more than anyone else.

No Family is perfect. We argue, we Fight, we even stop talking at times, but in the end, Family is Family….the love is always there and will always be.

Earlier there was only one type of Family which we call it today as joint Family. But, today’s generation divided it into 2 types- joint and nuclear. They believe in nuclear as they need Freedom and more privacy. But, the actual meaning of Family is to live in a joint one(as I think) because it is like a tree where everyone is different and grows in different direction as a branch of a tree yet the roots remain as one. That’s the beauty of a joint Family.

Whenever I visit my parents, I never step out of the house. I love being with them. We eat together. We talk, share things with each other. I love that each and every moment spending with them because I know these were the memories For me and this time will never come. They are always happy to see me around. I can’t express their joy which I feel. They are always on my priority.

Time spent with Family is worth every second. Don’t waste it.

At last, I just want to say that love your Family, make them a priority because they have made you their priority. Now, it’s your turn.

5 thoughts on “F- Family Is First Priority

  1. There are many reasons why family always comes first. My family is there to give me the support, the love, and the honesty I need. They are the individuals who have known me and been with me from the moment I was brought into this world. Whether it be a family vacation or just relaxing around the house, at the end of the day I know I spent my time surrounded by the people whom I love and the people who love me. Some say that when one has his or her family and health, that’s all that an individual really needs. The reasons why family always comes first are unlimited and endless!


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