G- Groups



I believe the topic I choose for G is Group

We always get involved ourselves in a Group.

When we were in school, we made a Group of friends. There were used to be different Groups and the competition in everything was used to be at Cloud9.

Then, we entered college, the same trend followed us here too.

Moving further in life, we got into corporate world. Here again, the same trend followed us. Now, our life is on the way to some stability.

Now, this is not the only type of Group. The groups are divided in following categories which have taken our lives enormously:

1.) Whatsapp Group
2.) Meetup Group
3.) Facebook Group
4.) Twitter Group
5.) And so on

When we get involved with such Groups, we get some advantages and one disadvantage:


a) Always updated with current affairs
b) What’s happening with B-town?
c) Product launches
d) Gadget updates and troubleshooting
e) Event updates
f) Easiest way to organise and co-ordinate a Get-together
g) Pulling anyone’s leg
h) Sharing jokes and useful information
i) Resolving issues if any


a) Disconnected from the real world.

These social Groups offline or online have become so important in our life that we forget to prioritize things and just get indulged in them.

And this is not something but this leads us and makes us Glued to our smartphones or tablets, not even PC or laptop. That gets annoying sometimes because we are so addicted that we don’t care of the people around us that it is literally irritating for them. If you see and realize that it’s the same for us when we see someone we want to talk to,but he/she is so buys with his/her smartphone that you just want to throw it away from that person’s hands. Happened with me literally at times. Sometimes, I had to take it forcefully and get that person involved in discussion.

We are in a party, busy wid our phone. Travelling, glued at the screen. At home, chatting or social media networking. In office, checking phone every single minute for the notifications or messages. This is what our life has become. Was our life not cheerful when we were kids? I believe it was more cheerful and joyful at that time when these things were not introduced. Because we were used to have real fun, real Games. Not these online games on FB etc.

That’s what my stake is on Groups. What’s yours?

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