L- Late Or Never Too Late??


Late word has a very significant role in our Lives. You believe it or not, but it’s true.

We know this word from our school days when teacher used to ask- why are you Late? We never gave excuses instead said sorry or put out heads down with no response.

Then, we entered college and repeated the same thing but at this stage, we were having Lot of excuses to give.

There were times, when we were used to think- It’s too Late now, I should have done this, done that. Now, I can’t do. But why? Why this feeling came to us? Why didn’t we hear to our heart? Why didn’t we follow what we want to do or try in Life? Why do we always give Life to add that “Late” to our memories?

When we entered the corporate Life, we usually get Late to reach office on time.

If you are in a relationship, someone always get Late and the partner always gets angry.

We always want to do something different in our Lives, but at times, our parents don’t allow and sometimes time. We get stuck in dilemma- kiski suno- dil ki, dimaag ki ya gharwalon ki??

After few years down the Line, we think- yaar ab Late ho gaya, kaash tab kar Liya hota……. 😦

There are Lot of things we do- Late night parties, Late breakfast, Late dinner

Friends, do whatever you want to do in Life. Give it a shot. What will be the worst case- you won’t get success but remember- Failure is the key to success.

Every successful man has so many failure stories. Don’t be scared of failure. Be ready to fail as it will add to your experience.

At last, the most important position of Late in our life is after our death when our name starts with Late XYZ……

Friends, don’t be Late becase its never too Late otherwise you have to be Late someday. It’s that fact which we cannot deny.

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