M- Mother- Multi- Tasking/Magical Woman


This is the first word we learn to speak- Maa. It has everything to do with our life. This word in itself completes the absence of this beautiful person of our life which we call Maa.

I believe it is true that GOD cannot be anywhere hence He sent this person on Earth in the form of Maa.

Mother is the one who works 24*7, 365 days with no holiday even on Sunday for no salary.

What does a Mother cannot do? Carrying us inside her for 9 Months, then go through the labor pain and bring us in this world is not at all easy. We Might not understand as we are Men but it’s not easy at all, not at all.

She is the one who teaches us how to smile, who cuddles with us.

She starts her day early morning to prepare breakfast for family, then other daily works. She takes care of everyone’s clothes from washing to get them pressed and keep them properly in almirah.

She dons so Many hats at a time- Mother, sister, daughter-in-law, wife, friend, cook, teacher etc. and all at a time. She never complains about anything.

The beauty of a Mother or being a Mother is she knows her children so well that she feels the pain and joy of them through their eyes and voice. If a child is hungry, then she knows, if angry, then also she knows, if sad, happy whatever the Mood is, Mother always knows it.

If a child is injured, she is the best therapy out of all remedies available in this world. Her presence and care cures any disease immediately.

She is a Magical woman, superwoman, GOD has sent on this planet.

And, in return, what we give to her, our rudeness, our anger, our disagreement. Is it good? We should give respect to her always and in every case whether she is angry or rude to us, we should give respect to her. We should never say to this(which we usually say)- You don’t know anything Mom, it happens like this only. This is wrong, she knows everything and More than us. She has seen this world More than us. She Met More people than we did. She knows good and bad of it. Respect her, respect every woman!

She taught us A, She taught us Zee
She defined the man I’d grow up to be!

Shes a Wonder,
Shes a Miracle,
Shes a Blessing, 😇
Shes an Inspiration,
Shes Good,
Shes Better,
Shes the Best!

If you’re far away and talking to her over the phone, she could tell easily by your voice if you’re sad or happy, if you had food or not, she knows everything. Only a Mother has these vibes to sense and feel all this. I experience this everyday. Everytime, when we are out for late night parties, she is awake until we return back to home safely. Noone can love us More than her.

All day shes at task but shes all I could ever ask! 😍
She taught me there’s nothing to fear, 🏃🏻
I Love you the Most, My Dear Mother!

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