N- Notices By GOD- To Get Your Aatma Connected With Parmatma


I will talk about the Notices given to us by GOD which we ignore, Neglect and keep doing horrible deeds.

Those Notices are for our bad deeds to remind us to stop them but we don’t.

We saw the destruction in Nepal. almost the whole country was demolished. Nothing was left. That was the first Notice given by God to this world.

But we ignored it and did not stop. We kept doing bad deeds, not left with humanity, treating people of lower class than us badly and so on.

Then, Next Notice came in the form of Uttarakhand floods as we even did not leave the holy places to commercialize them and so many wrong deeds were happening there under the Name of religion and GOD. That was the worst of that time for our country.

Then, came Chennai floods which again gave the State so much materialistic losses and deaths of human beings, animals, birds etc. Still we ignored it and kept moving on to more worse level of bad deeds.

Again, this has Not affected us at all and the level of wrong deeds went lower than before and another Notice came as Kashmir floods where Nothing was in the state of recognition but that too did Not change us. Even, after the floods, the Re.1/- packet of drinking water was sold to the people for Rs.100/-. That was being done and Govt. was silent observer. What the hell was this? The drinking water which was ideally and actually supposed to be distributed for free by the Govt. in such condition, we, humans, were selling Re. 1/- packet for Rs.100/-. What could be worse than this? All of this just gave goose bumps whenever I thought of it.

Still, we don’t care and keep humiliating people in any possible way.

Let’s wait for the Next Notice from The Almighty and let’s see where the demolition will take place. You believe it or Not, I believe it totally.

Wait & Watch the Next NOTICE friends!!


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