Q- Quikr Doorstep- Worst Service

I was damn confused what to wrote by this letter ‘Q‘. I was so pissed off by the service of Quikr Doorstep that while having lunch, I was saying Quikr and there I go, got the topic and was very happy to share my review about it.

I saw an item on Sunday on www.quikr.com, spoke to the seller, went to his place and finalized it. I tried to negotiate on the price stating that I will have to take care of the delivery part. Then, he told me that you don’t need to worry about the delivery as Quikr has started a service Quikr Doorstep where they pick and deliver the item for free of cost and he did not negotiate a bit on this. Anyways, I finalized the deal and came back home.

I made the payment online. Then, came an SMS stating that the item will be delivered to us on Monday, between 1PM- 4PM.

On Monday, there was no update from the Quikr team. I called their customer care and I was told that the item has been picked and will be delivered to you soon. I was relaxed. 4PM over, 5 PM over, I called them again. They gave me the delivery person’s number. I called and the person on another side said not to call him again as he is not the delivery person. I called them again, they gave me another number, which was switch off. Then, their customer care number got busy and did not get connected. I got an SMS stating that they went to the seller’s place but nobody was around. I checked with the seller, he said that he was told that the item will be picked between 10AM-1PM, he postponed his work and left at 2PM, Quikr Delivery team came around 3PM. Then, he had a word with them and they were supposed to pick the item on Tuesday between 10AM-12.30PM. I checked with the seller if anyone came, he said nobody has arrived yet. I had a word with Quikr customer care and they finally gave me the landline number of Quikr team where call was not picked up once, twice, thrice, but for umpteen times. I called and asked customer care, they said Sir, your item will be picked and delivered to you. Around 5PM, when nothing happened, I called them again, they said Sir, I need 24 hours and we will get back to you in 24 hours. I asked them to transfer my call to the available senior person on the floor or the Team Leader or the Manager but the executive did not do that. Finally, I hunged up. By this time, I was badly pissed off with the behavior of Quikr team and their executives and Doorstep team.

My father called me and asked the update. I told them, he suggested me to call their Marketing head or some senior guy. I took out the contact details of Marketing Head, Support Team and CEO and shoot an email to all. Within 5 minutes, got a reply from the CEO, he apologized for the inconvenience and assured that my issue will be resolved asap. He forwarded my issue to some other person. Within an hour, I got a call from their team and the person apologized to me and said Sir, I have taken your issue and will get it resolved asap. I will also share your feedback with the inbound team.

Finally, today, which is Wednesday, I got the item delivered and that person personally called me and confirmed if the item has been delivered.

But, I did not expect this kind of customer service from such a big name.
Please be careful before using Quikr Doorstep services.


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