Real Estate- Boon Or Curse For India?

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Today, this word Real Estate has become an important part of our lives specially for those who live in metro cities.

Nobody including Govt. doesn’t bother if greenery is being destroyed to build multi-storey buildings and what effect and impact is getting on the environment. Everybody is ignoring the impacts where the balance cycle of weathers is changing. Glaciers are melting because of the hole in Ozone layer which has Reached to its maximum size.

We all do not bother and busy with our lives so that we don’t care about our nature and seeing it getting destroyed.

All of sudden weather changes, March was Rated the warmest month in years. Do we Really care? Did we get into the cause? If you see, mostly nature is being destroyed by the Real estate builders and developers. Seeing the Root cause, Govt. should ban the development on some particular areas but our Govt. is so silent that they do not care about it and why, because they are getting paid for approving all these developments.

This Real Estate might be a boon for some and curse for some. But, actually, it is a curse for all of us. The enemy of nature is our enemy. But, we are ignoring it and making enemy our friend.

Think and work if Real estate is Really a Boon or Curse?


4 thoughts on “Real Estate- Boon Or Curse For India?

  1. Well stated and it’s truly a curse disturbing the natural balance and glooming over the calamities without showing real concern about it. Govt. Need to wake up for sure.


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