S- Sharing Is Caring

Today’s letter is ‘S‘ and what else could be better than this word ‘Share’.

First Share, we get to know about is Sharing anything between Siblings. That’s when we come to know what Share is. When elders give Something and Say do not forget to Share it with your brother/Sister. And, best part is when you actually in dilemma to Share or not to Share. And Sone pe Suhaaga is when you don’t Share it with your Sibling. Those are the memories. When you grow older, you Start Sharing your room, clothes, cupboard etc.

Then, Second meaning we came to know is Sharing what is going on in our mind. Why do we react to certain Situations? And So many questions…

We are told by parents to Share everything with them. I believe that is necessary for every child as well as parent to understand what type of company their children are into? In what direction their mindset is going? If it is wrong approach, parents are the ones who can guide their children at that very moment. And this quotient is missing in today’s children as well as parents.

Parents Should also Share their life’s inspirational and positive Stories with children so as to give them a proper approach towards leading a positive life and to face challenges every moment. This cannot come until both will Share their opinions on everything and children Share everything about them.

Sometimes, we hesitate to Share few things with parents and Search for Someone outside our home to Share those particular things. But, I have experienced that nobody is better than parents to Share anything with them first. Because third person will always make fun out of it and never gives you the Solution. Where parents are the ones who will Solve the things first and then will talk and make you understand to differentiate things between right and wrong.

I believe Sharing Is Caring and please Share anything first with your parents as nobody will be happier than them and nobody will be more concerned for you than them. They are the pillars of your life. They always Stand as a Shield to face any problem before it hits you.

Another Share I know is about Sharing other fellow bloggers’ posts to help them to take their blog to the next level. Share them all over Social media as no one will promote it the way you will be doing it.

Keep Sharing, Keep Caring!!


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