U- Unity Of Humanity


I’ll talk about Unity as we are loosing the significance of this word. As we are growing older and decade by decade, the meaning of this word is changing.

In an era of 70s and 80s, this word was meant- society, people around you including friends, relatives, which were called joint family. If anyone gets in trouble, people get united and were ready to help that person with everything without any concern or without in awe of getting something from that person. At that time, people were more greedy about relations not money.

In 90s, it was restricted to joint family only. Still, people have that courtesy to help each other.

But as commercialization starts growing in our country, we started loosing unity and humanity. We don’t bother about anyone even if the person is dying. For example, if we see a person injured and lying on road due to an accident and is bleeding, we will go nd see what happened, ask people how it happened but don’t try to help that person, instead we leave immediately. That’s where we are today. We don’t bother, we don’t care if that person dies infront of us. 1% of the people gathered there try their best to help, if that percetage grows to 100% which is not possible but atleast 30%-50%, people’s lives can be saved easily. And that 16th December rape victim would have been with us today. Where is unity? Where is humanity? We don’tbother until this affects or happens with someone in our family. We don’t understand the pain of loosing someone due to such irresponsible behaviour of people.

I love the fact that today, still Sikh is the only community which are always ready to help people no matter what. I find them the real humans.

Hence, friends, lets try to gain Unity and serve humanity.


4 thoughts on “U- Unity Of Humanity

  1. A simple thought that is sadly lacking. The community feeling and the support system that the Sikhs have is truly admirable. Have you ever observed a Sikh beggar? No! It is because everyone works for a living. Really admirable. Good post Abhinav.


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