V- Values


We are so busy in our lives that we do not want to understand the value of anything- money, relations, respect, self- respect, humanity etc.

I think the best lesson for giving Value to everything starts from the family first. Parents, grandparents are the ones who are responsible for any kind of appropriate or inappropriate behaviour of children.

What I experienced is people give value only to 2 things- money and all kind of materialistic things as they will take all this from this planet to heaven with them after death. No one wants to understand the reality of life that we only take good and bad Karmas(deeds) with us, nothing else.

When children see their parents, they inherit and follow the same thing, same trend. This is mainly the problem or issue in metro cities. If you go towards the rural area, people are still better than urban.

We are always taught to give value to humanity, human lives, relations, religion over money and materialistic things.

I have seen today’s generation, they don’t care about these values, relations etc. They just care about money. How much who is spending and how much who has? And show- off accordingly then.

I believe we should give Value to our family first, then relations and everything else comes after that.


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