W- Why So Single- Delhi, We Are Here!!


Hola Delhiites!! Here is some exciting news for all the singles out there- join WHY SO SINGLE.



If you’re single and ready to mingle, this is the perfect place for you to come and meet and interact with singles.






WHY SO SINGLE…is an innovative, interesting and fun-filled platform to end your search for “YOU’RE THE ONE”. It is an interesting face-to-face dating platform, a fresh break from the boring, creepy discreet dating websites and apps.

Single people, check out their website/page and you might get an invite for their next event.

WHY SO SINGLE is founded by Su, a senior client servicing executive with an advertising agency and one of her friend.

Here are few excerpts from our candid chit-chat with its founder Su:

Q: Whose idea was this to bring such a platform to Delhi?
Su: Though I m not a very selfish person but would not mind here to say that the idea popped up in my head. I can not boast that it is something very new…speed dating is quite known…but mostly in foreign lands and or in the classes. But my idea is to bring the concept alive to all. As with each passing day the fine line between masses n classes is vanishing in many spheres of life I see this wild dream that one day people would chose their companions in a much more smarter way than just clicking like a robot on his/her mobile or desktop.

As WHY SO SINGLE is a platform which is quite wide and a lot can be done with the whole idea I needed a companion my self who is wise enough, smart enough to grip the concept in a lightening bolt speed. So I asked my more than a decade old friend(bestie, I don’t know how to spell) to be my partner in crime.

We are not just business partners, we literally partners in crime. If I produce a idea she can genuinely take it to a whole new level. So who better than her.

I knew about speed dating, though never tried myself, but the idea of it being pushed as business came to my mind after only seeing few of my friends who are searching for their life partner as mission to mars.

Infact, while the whole process is on you are seriously slaughtered, it doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman.

Q: Did you see such platform anywhere and were a part of it?
Su: I was never part of any such platform before. I would have had loved to be, but did not get a chance.

Q: Is it like you were single and wanted a search, you thought of starting this rather than going to matrimonial platforms?
Su: We both are unmarried but not single. Searching for that RIGHT person is a task n if u live in India then it is WHO DARES WIN.

But good thing is India is opening up…so people are ready to experiment. At a time whem internet has taken over all, we are trying to set set up a cyborg kinda platform like half social media based for marketing and rest on sight where participants have to participate to our events if they want to interact with other singles.

The strength of starting such a business came only after seeing the nuances of the matrimony searches, acceptances and rejections. While getting married or even to date someone people judge each other and then make their decisions and later while actually knowing the person they realize they were never meant to be together.

Q: How and when did you start? What were the hurdles you faced?
Su: Started with a page on Feb 1st by forcefully making my friends like the page(my friends are lovely). Then the 1st event was on 10th April, at a restro in Anand Lok.

Challenges are many. Yes people do wanna take up the brave path, want to do some experiment but at the end tied up with false and baseless traditions of the society. To convince people that we are serious about your life’s biggest decision is also a task.

As I said speed dating had have always been the play of the classes in India so to make the masses understand the whole concept is fun n lovely as I can talk about my baby day n night but sometimes break hearts as well people understand but just don’t participate because its something new. That enthu is there in the crowd but they are afraid to show it.

So to shed their inhibition is a positive challenge but does give me mini heart attacks as well.

Q: How difficult was it to execute the first season?
Su: VERRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYY difficult. Till one week prior to the 1st event we had only one female participant confirmed. Others were thinking you know. And then at the restro the manager grinded my team…. So difficulties were there and would always be there…but have to over come them…if we believe in this idea then we ought to over come all the problems.

Q: How was the response and ratio of men:women in your first event?
Su: Ratio was equal but there was massive age difference. But thankfully people took the event with full enthusiasm and they were all sport. They also gave me good reviews n ideas to improve.

I think our event was designed in such a way that we not only helped them to understand each other but also made them make new friends. And a self improvement is an added bonus of our events. So people were really happy.

We wish WHY SO SINGLE a speedy growth to get destined people meet through your platform.

To all the singles, their next event is on 19th June’16, Sunday, stay tuned for the updates on WHY SO SINGLE. Please visit, like their fb page and join their next event.

We are sure you all are going to love this concept as much as we did.

Still if curious…for more details:
1. Like or Leave comment
2. Mail at whysosinglefb@gmail.com
3. Check Page: www.facebook.com/whysosingle
4. Visit: http://whysosinglefb.wix.com/happysearching

**********WHY SO SINGLE***********



12 thoughts on “W- Why So Single- Delhi, We Are Here!!

  1. Interesting. It’s refreshing to see an Offline platform for single people to meet rather than an online one in today’s day and age. Meeting people in person is and will always be better than swiping left and right on a touch-screen device. Kudos to Su for this venture, and wishing them all the very best. Hoping to take part someday when I’m back in Delhi.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I feel like an old relic reading this post Abhi! anyway .. not single. but am sure people who are would love to connect with like minded individuals..


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