Z- Zero- Inspiration Or Depression



Zero- It’s a number.

It’s a measurement- the point between + and – on a scale for measuring something or the lowest point on a scale that shows how much there is left of something.

It’s temperature- the point on the Celsius scale at which water freezes.

It’s nothing- the lowest possible amount or level of something.

We are never satisfied with everything that we have in our life. We want more and more because ye dil maange more.

If we start saying, that’s enough and we are satisfied now, the life will be very smooth and easy to lead. But that’s not easy in today’s times. But, there are people who follow this and lead a happy and peaceful life and this species is found usually in rural areas.

They are happy with low- income and low aspirations. They just need 2 times meals with lowest of comfort and luxury. They grew up with nature and have the capacity to live with it too.

We never stops at zero and just want to go beyond zero where in this mid point is the best in numbers.

It’s significance is in schools when teacher used to give zero in the tests. There were 2  types of students- one who used to take it as an inspiration to grow further and study harder to gain the full marks in the next one and second were those who took it why teacher gave me zero, I wrote this and that, teacher is bad, he/she did not like me that is why I got Zero marks blah blah blah.

I read in the newspaper few days back that an engineering student took his life as he got an year back. Now, I don’t understand why people don’t get inspired from the failures. Why do they forget they read- “Failure is the key to success.”

This is very simple formula which should be taught t every children that never take things in negative side, always see the positive side of them and your life will take a right turn and you will be on a different level altogether.

I think this is just a difference of perspective and this can be developed by teachers and parents in children.


9 thoughts on “Z- Zero- Inspiration Or Depression

  1. A very good thought Abhinav. Failures are indeed the stepping stones to success! A person who has failed only realizes the real value of passing! Congrats you did it….completed the series! Cheers

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    1. The problem is people don’t want to see that other side of the tunnel, the reason is they are soo lost that they think this is their comfort zone and shit always happens in comfort zone.


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