T- Today Not Tomorrow

Today is everyday, every new day and every new day comes as today.

Whenever we speak about next day, which is tomorrow and it never comes. Because when it comes, it is already today. We never say today is tomorrow.

Always believe in today not tomorrow. We all have read a hindi doha by Sant Kabir-

Kal kare so aaj kar, aaj kare so ab,
pal mein pralay hoyegi, bahuri karoge kab?

Its translation is bit difficult but I try my level best:
Do tomorrow’s work today, today’s work now,
The doomsday may come at any moment, the work be done how?

Kabir has clearly tried to explain the human tendency of laziness and procrastination. It is a known fact that we all tend to postpone matters, we are indecisive and given a choice we would like others to be doing work and we simply enjoying a cool time. When it comes to us, we try to get away by saying, “Very busy, no time.” Don’t we? This lethargy is what Kabir is condemning. Besides, according to me, his emphasis is on now, the present, the moment as it is. Now, that is Life, the moment. It is in the now, in the spontaneousness that one gets energized to do, to achieve, to realize. As they say, it is now or never.
Keeping this context in mind, this Kabir Doha clearly teaches us to shed all procrastination and lethargy. It motivates us to do whatever we have to do, and do it now. If we will keep postponing it, then the work will never be done.

We have to understand the fact that there is no tomorrow, only today. That is why people are being asked to enjoy each and every moment as it is their last moment.

I met a group of people few days back and that group is a mixture of every age group. What I liked the most about that group is the most aged person was the most joyful and jolly one. We were sitting in a restaurant and a live band was playing. He asked a lady( who is a choreographer) for a dance just infront of the orchestra, she politely refused as she was hesitant. He asked another lady and she happily agreed and both of them went into the middle of the seating and started dancing. I couldn’t believe, they both were dancing and after 10 mins, more people have joined them and more people got up from their seats and started going towards the dance floor. There was no dance floor.

This person is in his 60s and I can’t tell you that at this age group, he enjoys every moment, every moment. That’s what the attitude we all should have towards life. Live today, not tomorrow. Leave dependency on tomorrow and we will be happy forever.

Let’s believe in today not tomorrow and live happily forever.


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