#InkingReflections- Half Time 2016

This post is about Half Time of 2016 since we’re in the middle of the year.

I was planning to start my blog for past one and half years but couldn’t due to hectic work schedules.

I was very fascinated about bloggers when I see them in fashion weeks, bloggers’ meet, restaurant launches, and what has excited me the most is that they have got exclusive pre-access of everything before it goes out for public.

Then, I met few bloggers in fashion week, browsed through their blog and realized that it is all about fashion for women. If this is about fashion for women, then who writes on men’s fashion. That’s how I came to know about few blogs on menswear such as I Am Alpha M, Dappered, The Gentleman’s Gazette etc. and at the very moment I made up my mind that I will start writing on menswear, though haven’t done anything on it yet. But, trying to collect few things and will come up with posts on mens’ fashion very soon.

These 6 months have been full of ups and downs professionally as well as personally.

Despite of having the odd working hours, I took the AtoZ Challenge in April, completed successfully and learned lot of things from fellow bloggers which is an evolvement of me as a blogger.

But, I’m glad that I am part of BlogBuddy 2.0 which gave me awesome bunch of people. We discuss lot of things apart form blogging, pulls each others’ legs too, which brings fun in our discussions.

Thanks and special mention to Blogchatter to give us a kick and keep all of us engaging in something every time to take our blog to the next level.

36 thoughts on “#InkingReflections- Half Time 2016

  1. I like your decision of blogging about men’s fashion, you know I always felt you guys had less things to wear and explore but that is an assumption and you can experiment a lot with men’s fashion aa well.
    And A-Z, I admire your determination. And so am I admiring right now.
    Wishing you the best second half! 😊

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  2. Ooh! I have been thinking of starting a blog on accessories: mostly tribal. And like you, I have been biding my time. Been lots of doubts and questions and dilemmas. Maybe some time soon. Men’s fashion is an area that needs more highlight. Hope you begin working on it soon. All the best 🙂

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  3. Hi Abhinav. A wonderful recap post there. It is inspiring to see how you were led to your own niche. And this niche – male lifestyle/fashion bloggers is quite a unique one, so much so that it almost sounds like you just invented it. In my years in the blogosphere I have never once stumbled across a guy who writes about fashion/lifestyle. So I am excited to see how you take it further.

    And I too feel very grateful to BlogChatter for providing us with such a wonderful platform to learn and evolve and a community at the heart of the entire process. Though I missed the AtoZ challenge, I have participated in other activities, and I am charged up about #MyFriendAlexa.

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    1. Hi Omkar, glad to connect with you. Thanks a lot, it’s not easy at all what I decided to write on, but let’s see, how does it go. I always love taking risks, after all that’s how a person evolves. All the very best for #MyFriendAlexa ! 🙂


  4. You know if I come to think of it actually I haven’t heard or read almost anyone who writes on men’s fashion. And on the opposite side, there seem to be a plethora of bloggers who write on women’s fashion. Interesting choice and all the best for it :).

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