Punaravritti- A Short Film #MyFriendAlexa

Punaravritti- A Short Film by Khwaab Productions.

Khwaab Productions is my sister Prachi Gupta’s production house.


When I read the title of this film, I thought it might be about some repititive abuses of our society. Then, I read the description of this film, it changed my opinion about it.

And when I saw the whole film, I was thrilled and got goose bumps at the end.

It is based on the condition of a woman in our society. It also shows the fight of a mother for her child. It has different shades with various characters. I see different perspectives and following messages conveyed through this film:

1. How a woman fights for her dignity and gives birth to her child.

2. How a mother survives and earns for her child’s better education and empowerment.

3. How a man tries to bring change in a girl’s life by giving marriage proposal inspite of knowing her being into prostitution.

4. Despite of knowing so many struggles borne by his mother, her son does not take even a second questioning her character.

5. We should never ever disrespect our parents as we do not know what they’ve done for us to make us smile.

I take a pledge not to treat woman in such an absurd way, not to question her character and above all not to disrespect my parents. Do you?

Friends, please like this video, share it and spread the word. Like the page of Khwaab Productions for more such amazing videos.

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