Celebrations of Ram Baraat #MyFriendAlexa

Since Ramleela fever is on these days and best part about it is that small towns have still that value of Ramleela, all the festivities, rituals etc. and they follow them with all the belief which is splendid and you don’t see it everywhere.

Due to some work, I got to be in my hometwon, Khurja, which is known as pottery city(famous for crockery and bone-china) and it has been years that I have seen these rituals, celebrations of Ramleela openings and all.

And to start with, I got to attend this Ram- baraat which is celebrated with lots of Jhankis, bands and proper horse rides for Lord Sri Ram Chandra ji, Doli of Sitaji, Laxman ji, Bharatji and Shatrughan ji, followed by the huge rath of Shri Dashrath ji.

Celebrations with live performers on mythological songs on latest songs’ tunes, few artists performed Leela of Radha-Krishna ji:


This one(below) was on Hare Ram Hare Ram, Hare Krishna Hare Ram, and the ambience they were creating, people around were dancing altogether, I couldn’t capture everything as I was also enjoying.


What I liked about this celebration is:people from nearest towns and villages came and gathered on roads to have the glimpse and get blessings from the Lord.

Following is the great Lord SriRamji, Sitaji and Laxmanji, Bharatji and Shatrughanji:




In the next post, will take you to the Vanvass Yatra of Shri Ram Chandra ji.

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2 thoughts on “Celebrations of Ram Baraat #MyFriendAlexa

  1. O I have so many memories of Ram barat. earlier, we stayed in the city and the Ram barat passed right past our houses! All the people who were scattered in the city, used to come to our house to witness the day!

    What beautiful days they were. I haven’t watched the Barat in ages now!



  2. If your hometown is known as Pottery city, there must be amazing pottery work around right? You should put up those pictures too. (Or have you already?)

    These images are beautiful. We don’t get to see such performances around here. 🙂 Which state is this in?


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