Van Yatra Of Shri RamChandraji

As promised in my earlier post that I will be taking you to the Vanwas yatra of Shri RamChandraji, and here I’m, just after few hours of it happened:

The story goes like this:

When Kaikayi asked King Dashrath to send his elder son Ram to send to forest for 14 years and when Ram heard his father’s order, he did not ask a single question and followed his father’s order and left for the forest immediately after taking blessings from his mother Kaushalya which makes her cry.

Seeing her husband leaving the palace, Sita ji asked Lord Sri Ram, where are you going leaving me here alone? He told her the entire story, and she asked him to take her along saying- my home is where my husband is, not this palace without you. And she left the palace with him. Seeing his brother leaving the palace, Laxman ji came and said I also won’t stay here without my father like figure and I’m also coming along. Shri Ram Chandra ji tried hard to make him understand and take care of his parents here but he won’t budge and got along with them.

This Yatra is being celebrated with all the rituals and I just loved every bit of it. Sharing the few glimpses of it:

Performer from the local and yesteryear’s old Akhaadha:


Foreigners are chanting Ram bhajans creating the spiritual ambience:


Yatra of Shri Ramji, Sitaji and Laxman ji where they were not allowed to put their bare feet onto the road, provided the carpet on their every step, it was just out of the world feeling:


People were taking blessings too and prasad was also distributed.

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5 thoughts on “Van Yatra Of Shri RamChandraji

  1. I love the fact that you are spreading knowledge about the wealth of traditions that our country follows. This is something I never knew about. Where does this happen…UP? The captures were lovely and I could make out what a profound effect this event had on you! Jai Shri Ram!


  2. In the earlier post it seemed like it was night. So do they do these acts in parts? Or is this an entirely different team? Though I am skeptical about certain things in Ramayana, traditions bring in unity and keep the richness of the region and make it all lively. There is joy in the otherwise boring lives! Do update about traditions like these when you come across them 🙂


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