Blogbuddy By Blogchatter


I am a Blogbuddy with Blogchatter.

BlogBuddy for me is the supplement to Blogchatter.

What else could be better than this Blogbuddy program. I have been a part of Blogbuddy 2.0 wih few amazing team members who helped me in everything. We fought, we teased, we helped each other and finally we survived. We are family now. Today, even after the Blogbuddy 2.0 is shuffled and new version is out but we still are a family. All credit goes to Blogchatter for bringing so many amazing like- minded people altogether and made such a huge family with a common vision.

Thanks a lot first to Blogchatter and then to my loving family below:

Dixita MourRamya RaoReema D’souzaShalini SharmaShinjini and Srikanth.

All of you guys are wonderful and loving people who spread positivity and uhhh-mazing ideas across. We have participated in various campaigns from AtoZ Challenge to Alexa campaign and every campaign with Blogbuddy became an unforgettable journey. Waiting for others’ posts to go live at sharp 12AM at night and you are surviving to make your post live event at the last hour of the day makes your adrenaline rush as you are giving your board exam. And above all, Blogchatter is standing as the headmaster giving us the deadlines…(sobs sobs).

But there is one thing, that every campaign with Blogchatter through Blogbuddy, it boosts our confidence and taught us lot of new things every moment we spent.

What I love most about Blogbuddy and Blogchatter is that every member showers so much love by reading others’ blogs, liking, commenting and sharing the posts which motivates to read and write more and more…coz Ye Dil Maange More.. 😀 😀 😛

I’m looking forward to my new family of Blogbuddy:

Reema D’souza, Rakesh , Roma, Rachit, Kala Ravi and Ranjini.

Kudos to Blogchatter again for bringing this Blogbuddy program to make everyone a polished blogger!! 🙂



4 thoughts on “Blogbuddy By Blogchatter

  1. Abhi, this was a lovely post celebrating your blogging journey so far! You’ve done great with so many blogging challenges. Looking forward to many happy times with you as a blogbuddy! All the very best!


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