P- Parents

I believe this word has the power of getting anything done by an individual. What parents will do for you, no one in the world never ever could do for you. that too without any selfishness. I have seen today’s youth, they don’t understand the value of parents and don’t respect them at all. They … More P- Parents

O- Optimistic

There are many of us who lost our temper when things did not work in our favour. It happened with me also. And there is no way to escape your anger, sometimes its your friends or spouse/partner or family members or colleagues who bear with us during these times. But, there is always an alternative … More O- Optimistic

X- X Number of Words

X- the 24th and the 3rd last number of alphabets family. So many denotations at different places. It denotes Roman numeral for 10. It denotes X(Cross) at most of the places. It is also an Algebraic expression for an unknown value. It is also a sign of multiplication in Mathematics. X is for Xml- eXtensible … More X- X Number of Words

W- Why So Single- Delhi, We Are Here!!

Hola Delhiites!! Here is some exciting news for all the singles out there- join WHY SO SINGLE.   If you’re single and ready to mingle, this is the perfect place for you to come and meet and interact with singles. WHY SO SINGLE…is an innovative, interesting and fun-filled platform to end your search for “YOU’RE THE ONE”. It is an interesting face-to-face dating platform, a fresh break from the boring, creepy … More W- Why So Single- Delhi, We Are Here!!

V- Values

We are so busy in our lives that we do not want to understand the value of anything- money, relations, respect, self- respect, humanity etc. I think the best lesson for giving Value to everything starts from the family first. Parents, grandparents are the ones who are responsible for any kind of appropriate or inappropriate … More V- Values

U- Unity Of Humanity

I’ll talk about Unity as we are loosing the significance of this word. As we are growing older and decade by decade, the meaning of this word is changing. In an era of 70s and 80s, this word was meant- society, people around you including friends, relatives, which were called joint family. If anyone gets … More U- Unity Of Humanity