A Is All

All All All

All portrays All

Anything, everything here fall

Artistic, huge or whether small

Applied, Approximate overall

Aspires the whole dawn

Achieve the target not Alone

Appraisal is the booster of its own

Arms full of nature’s beauty

Attention, one pays to his/her duty

Attachment to family, friends, relations

Approach to fulfill liabilities towards nation

Astonishing the world through invention

Attaining the positions and various dimensions

Aristocracy as a Legacy extends

Auras of truth and harmony domains

Appearance of humanity starts there

Atoms of kindness and love spreadwhere

Assembly of bonafide intentions reside

Angels from heaven feel it as pride

Awaken people move ahead to decide

Authentic environment takes a ride

Ample of riteous nature derived

Action of applications materialised

Arrival of a beautiful world

Arranged in it the precious pearls

Awsome is the poetry written

Axiom is what in all happen.


P.S.: This post is the creation of my mom. I told her that I’m taking part in AtoZ Challenge and she immediately came up with this and asked me to post it too on my blog. Though, I asked her to get her own blog and join the race but she said I might not be giving much time so, will share my views on these days from your blog as and when possible.



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