J- Joy- In Ur hands Or Others’ ?


Joy- It’s a name….its that everything which we would want in our life.

Joy is something which has different meanings, various opinions for everyone in this world.

We, human beings, are so materialised that we actually forgot to live a Joyful life.

For me, Joy is helping people and make someone smile.

For some of us, Joy is about having every luxury of life- luxury car, big villa, all materialistic things, high- end social circle, social status etc.

For some of us, Joy is all about finding happiness in small small things such as respect elders, spreading love, helping others in need, gardening etc.

For some of us, Joy is all about passion- whether it is for cars, bikes or anything else, it’s Just passion.

For some, Joy is about travelling.

For some, JoyΒ is about writing which can be through blogs, novels, books or Journals etc.

For some, Joy is all about music, dance, acting.

For some, Joy is spirituality.

For some, Joy is doing good to others, being polite with everyone.

For some, Joy is study and study and study like IIT and IIM pass-outs, that is not applicable on me though. πŸ˜‰

I feel Joy when I water plants, I do gardening, I do good to someone and I make anyone smile. Joy is when you feel that GOD is listening to you and with you.

For me, Joy is when my parents feel proud of me. Joy is when my friends knock on my door at night and say- “Chal paranthe khaane”. πŸ˜€

Joy is about feeling good, doing good. Not money, not being materialistic.

Most of the times, we feel and say that our lives are not Joyful because of this and that or someone. Whereas it is not like that,Β Joy is in our own hands, own heart, the thing is to change the perception and opinion. And then, see the change. Life is so Joyful.

Please share what Joy is for you my friends?

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