H- Hello, Hi, Hey, Hola, How

These are the greetings when we meet people, call people or e- meet people.

These are the words without which our msgs, emails, greetings are incomplete.

Without these we cannot start anything.

Hello, how are you doing?

Hi, how have you been?

Hey, wassup?

Hola people?

How is life treating you?
When we were in school, we used to say “Hello” to everyone.

When we were graduating, our greeting also got promotion from “Hello” to “Hi”.

When we were doing PG, it went further from “Hi” to “Hey”.

When we entered corporate, it again took a U-turn to “Hello”.

And, when we took our social life, it became “Hola”.

But this is not the only thing we have to keep in mind when we write these or speak to meet poeple or to greet people. Your gesture, your texture, tone everything matters equally.

Have you ever thought of Customer Care Executives or Public Relations Executives being so polite? Coz they are focused on maintaining relations.

Developing and maintaining relations with people is not easy. It’s the toughest job in the world. And this culture or this industry came from West to our country and see this industry has become one of the multi-billionaire industry now.

People judge you from your voice and judge your employer from your behaviour.

Whenever you are mistreated from any executive of any company over the phone, you always say to your friends, relatives- that company’s employees don’t even have manners how to treat their customers? Isn’t it? We all do.

I believe in the below statement:

“Treat others the way you want yourself to be treated.”

Greet people and meet people politely even if they are rude.

People are great and judged by their behaviour.



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