Indian- Proud To Be Or Not ?



Indian- its that word which has the most significance in our lives but no existence. We are not fulfilling the basic requirements to make a country grow. Our Govt. is not at all concerned about small- small things.Now, let’s have a look on the following:

1.) Being the country’s capital, Delhi is the least safe city of India.

2.) No woman is safe- neither Indian nor foreigner not eve teenagers or 5 or 6 years olds.

3.) Most rapes are being held in Delhi, most of them are not being brought to limelight.

4.) Now, even 4-5 years old girls are being raped. Is that what we are being taught?

5.) We are going global in everything but are we really going global in terms of providing basic facilities to a common man?

6.) Politicians are busy in building their own empires, by destructing the country’s empire.

7.) Economy is going down day by day.

8.) Farmers are committing suicide.

9.) No law for juveniles/rapists.

10.) If you are a powerful person, you can do scam of Rs.1000 crores and above, you won’t be behind bars. Instead, you will be fined for few millions and you live your life the way you want to.

11.) The common man or the middle- class is the one who suffers and pays for all these scams and all.

12.) Corruption is the biggest enemy of country’s growth.

13.) Nobody wants to follow rules, Instead finding out “Jugaad” to get away. Btw, “Jugaad” is also being pointed out to the vehicle where people commute between smaller distances.

14.) We are paying taxes more than our salaries.

15.) Employment is another Issue in our country which makes youth ending up their lives with wrong choices.

16.) People do protests and get violent for reservation quota and no action against them, Instead get the reservation.

There is a joke I read somewhere, though I feel it is true somehow:

Our powerful man asked Mr. Obama- We have more intelligent people than your country, still your country is the most powerful in the world. Why?
Mr. Obama said- I agree but the reason is you give jobs to reserving Indians and I give to deserving Indians.

I believe we really need to wake up.

I want to share another quote I read somewhere:

If you need a change but you are unable to make the changes, either change yourself or be a part of the system.

What do you think- Should I really be proud to be an Indian? I know there are lot of reasons to feel proud, but we can’t ignore all these things too.

5 thoughts on “Indian- Proud To Be Or Not ?

  1. I am proud and ashamed. These are few of the many reasons why Indians prefer the other countries. And we can try to make a difference . 😃


  2. There’s a lot that is wrong with our country, and sadly, our only choices seem to be between the devil and the deep blue sea. Modi was elected for purely a development agenda. But all we’ve seen is the development of the chest-thumping Hindutva brigade, which is very unfortunate.


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