Life is an Art & We an Artist

When we born, our life is like a canvas without any color.


As we grow, the very first color we interact or came to know about is Mother which remains with us forever. The second color is Father and these colors continue to enter at various time intervals.

The picture of our life takes shape according to our thoughts, efforts and surroundings.

A good painter puts all his efforts to make a picture. In the same manner, we can also paint our life through colors of continuous positive approach, great efforts, humanity and unity.

The life of child shows love, innocence and tenderness.

A child’s love is pure bliss for anyone or everyone and so his/her innocence.

The life of adolscence shows zeal, eagerness and rigidity. These colors play an important role in our life to make this art beautiful with twists and twirls. As we mix these colors, we come up with new creative shades of these basic ones and that is what our picture consists of.

Now, the life of an adult shows colors of responsibility, ambition, hard-work, struggle, maturity and light of knowledge.

This phase of life which defines our past and future too. At this stage, we get one color from outside to add in our family through a bond called as Marriage without which any picture is incomplete. With this color, so many colors got added automatically that we don’t have any idea of.

Then comes the middle age which shows stability, acceptance, hyper-tension and health disorders.

And, last phase of life shows somehow contentment, discontentment, attachment, detachment, sometimes harshness, sometimes kindness and so on.


Mirror of the rain.jpg

But I want to say that there are too many colors at different stages of one’s life. When one becomes a painter of his/her own life, then he/she can fill up the colors of his/her own choice. It is upto you or me which color we want to put in our life. The colors of kindness and love, the colors of harmony and peace, the colors of +ve approach and attitude, the colors of devotion and dedication and vice-a-versa.

In my view, a mother is the painter of her child. She provides the child the basic color. Surroundings put the effect of different colors on the heart of child. Situation gives the image to a child. A teacher gives the shape to a child. And the different stages of age portraitΒ the perfect picture of the child.

So friends I’m going to take soΒ many brushes dipped in different colors to repaint my life according to my choice.

Are you too?


37 thoughts on “Life is an Art & We an Artist

  1. That’s a lovely post and the analogy is great. I loved that choice of the picture.
    I think that experiences that we gain in life are the colors on the canvas of life. Parents, spouse, siblings, family have an ongoing impact but others – a transient one.

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    1. Thanks for dropping by. Yes, I agree experiences are the colors and every moment is an experience but how it impacts us, totally depends on us.
      Keep visiting!! πŸ™‚


    1. Yes, but most of the population doesn’t think of starting where it ends and life never ends at any point. You just need to see the + side of it and move forward. The sad part is people opts for other way round.
      Good 2 c u here. Keep visiting and motivate me to write more and more! πŸ˜€


  2. What a beautiful way to describe colours of life.
    One awesome message what I take home from this post is that “we are responsible to choose colour of our life after we get mature enough to choose”.
    And yes, we all are Artists πŸ™‚

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    1. Absolutely, it does. But, I believe it doesn’t matter for an optimistic person as he/she will always see the +ve side of everything(good or bad). Btw, loved your hashtag. Keep visiting! πŸ™‚


  3. I have observed the impact that an understanding of color has had on the lives of family, friends and clients. It has given them insight into a powerful tool that you too can use in all aspects of your life; from your choice of clothing colors, to what to wear to a job interview, to your decorating colors, and even the choice of your car color; in fact, all the colors with which you surround yourself. Sixteen popular colors are covered in the section on color meanings where you will discover their affect on your emotions, your mood and your well-being.

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    1. That’s so true! I have realized, in today’s world, people are more aware and very selective while it comes to pick a color in anything. It definitely leaves an impression depending on the color chosen. Different people, different choices.


    1. Hi Upasna, I’m not a writer, that is why vocab is simple. It all depends on how you are using which color in your life! Black when combines with basic colors, it gives the best of results which we cannot even imagine. That is what life is all about. Happy to connect with you too! Keep visiting! πŸ™‚

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  4. Colors are part of life and you have beautifully described them in different phases. Wonderful post, Abhinav! Keep writing and have a colorful life ahead 😊

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  5. Such a wonderful reflection Abhinav. It’s a challenge to be a painter, it requires great perseverance and effort to create your own art out of your own life. Many get lost in the mixture of colors life throws at them, very few continue to hold the brush and create their own life.

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