Teacher’s Day- Best Teacher- My Mom #MyFriendAlexa

On this Teacher’s Day, I’m dedicating this post to my best teacher- my Mom.

Also, through this post, I am taking my Alexa rank to the next level with Blogchatter.

Although, many persons play this role in my life as I try to learn something from everyone I meet but my mother has been the best teacher throughout as I cannot thank her enough ever for this and for everything. I wish her and all the teachers a very Happy Teachers’ Day!!

Seeing the mindset of people of our country, it is very heartbreaking that even the politicians are supporting the criminals and rapists in our country and blaming the victims for every crime done. By this, I always think isn’t it parents’ duty to teach their children what is right nd what is wrong, how to respect elders, women, teach them how rape is a heinous crime. I have seen the documentary made by a foreigner on 16th December rape case and it was so painful and shameful at the same time when the accused’ family said that our children can’t do such thing. Every time a rape is being held, politicians always blame the victim, why? Isn’t it our duty to teach the male community to understand the pain of a rape victim. What can be more shame than this that people are afraid to stay in the capital of our country since it is being called as “Rape Capital”? Our Govt. does not bother to work on reducing the crime rate. After 16th December case, protests, I thought, her sacrifice and this outrage might give a decline in rape cases but no, I was wrong, I was heartbreakingly wrong. I see so many cases in news channels, newspapers and these are those cases which are being reported but what about those which are not.

My mother always teaches us(me & my brother) to respect elders and specially women, teaches us betweeen touching a woman rightly and at right places, not crossing our limits which I think our society needs this because somewhere I feel the mindset of male community needs to change aggressively. Until, we, male coummnity, don’t change our mindset, this is not going to end at all.

I remember we are being taught to seek belssings from elders by touching their feet and then touch our forehead but today’s generation is unbelievable. They think its just waste of time and they cannot do it. They think if elders want to give blessings, they will give it without it too. They give the reason for not doing- our backbone won’t be straight, What the chuck? They don’t even respect teachers. If a teacher has scolded them or slapped them, they feel they are being insulted in front of the whole class, and they need to give it back to that teacher. Really? When parents are told about this, they reacted like- No, no, our child cannot do this, our child has golden heart.

I feel all this happens because of pampering. We should pamper our children but in limits. If we don’t do this, they won’t understand the value of money, things, relations. I believe all this is a duty of the parents to teach everything from the beginning which is lacking. The main reason for this is nuclear family and in that too, both partners are working, then how will they take out time to look out for these things. It results in hiring a babysitter and then things start getting worse.

To end this, I would request everyone who is visiting my blog to teach children these moral values. It is duty of teachers as well as parents and leaders to disseminate the ethics and morals by setting their own examples.

I take this pledge. Do you?


28 thoughts on “Teacher’s Day- Best Teacher- My Mom #MyFriendAlexa

    1. Agreed but experience comes from some experienced person when you were taught how to analyze and what to learn from that experience and for me, my mother plays that best role. πŸ™‚


  1. Well noone can replace mothers when it comes to spreading knowledge and values to their kids. You have included some serious points too in here with this post and that’s a great take. Kudos! Wonderful post! πŸ™‚

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  2. Happy teachers day to your mother πŸ™‚ I agree in bits with you, I also feel this generation is learning some serious ethics about all around things – climate, nature active politics which are crucial as well πŸ™‚

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  3. I am so happy to read such a wonderful post. Surely your mum has done a fantastic job in bringing you up.
    You have raised such a poignant issue…yes…teaching does begin at home. However, merely teaching the child good moral values will not help. Parents need to practice these values and lead by example. I know many fathers who teach their kids to be morally right however, they are the first to ogle at a woman’s breasts, Some even go to the extent of commenting on her dressing and pass lewd remarks.

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  4. My mother has been the best teacher so far in my life. She taught me something noone ever did. She taught me to be a good human being.
    Last year, on teacher’s Day, I gave my professor a bottle of Teachers.

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